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Welcome to my website!

Supporting people during the prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum phases of life is my passion.

The transition into parenthood can sometimes be emotionally complex and can lead to stress, depression or anxiety in the prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum phases. Working with a therapist who understands what you are experiencing will support you in finding solutions to the challenges you face.

Before becoming a parent, there is the desire to become one. For some, this phase can be long and painful. Infertility is a reality for some couples that can feel like a roller coaster of hope and despair. For some, this emotional phase can be overwhelming and can lead to depression or anxiety. Working with a therapist who can provide you with a space to come to terms with the experience can be helpful.

Please explore my website for more information about me, my approach, how to contact me as well as a variety of resources.

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